We’re gearing up for a book tour that will hit cities nationwide. To get updates and hear if we are coming to your city, subscribe to email updates in the box at your right. Here are some photos from a few of my recent speeches and events.

Dallas Star Republican Women

Metro Crest Event in Sept 2009

Speaking at the “40 Days for Life” Event in Austin, TX

9 responses to “Photos

  1. Tom, I just finished reading “Bringing America Home”. Talk about being on target!!. I am one of if not the oldest of the Ohio Pauken clan. I am the eldest of eight born and raised in Maumee, Ohio. I saw some of WW-2 and have been a small business owner for many years. My wife of 61 years and I have raised 6 children (a good catholic family), but alas only 3 share my conservative mindset. Your latest book is being passed around the family in a sort of evangilizing effort.
    Have you any ties to the Ohio Pauken clan?
    In closing, I urge you to take your case to Washington. I think the time is ripe…

    Jim Pauken

    • Jim, my email is My father, who died last year at the age of 93, was the son of Joseph Pauken who originally was from Maumee and moved to Ft. Wayne. Dad’s father died early and my father was on his own from high school on. He was a Purdue engineer and Army Air Corps Captain in WW II. He settled in Texas. We are related to the John Pauken branch. I believe that John, Jr. And Joseph were brothers. I heard decades ago from Joseph C. Pauken who lived in Maumee on Broadway. Let’s stay in touch. Tom Pauken

  2. Lorraine Konesni

    Tom, If I remember, you are the one who sent a copy of the Pauken family tree & a copy of a family portrait with John Sr. & Catherine and family. My g g grandfather was John Jr & my grandmother was his daughter Mary. You don’t have her listed, you have Lawrence, Bernard, Louis & Florence (Falls) but not Mary Agnes (Muhleman) — but Mary divorced Muhleman & married Morton. Mary (Pauken) Morton/Muhleman died in Toledo in the 70’s. I am Mary’s son’s (Gerald) daughter. (Florence Falls lived in Rossford). I met you on Thankyou for the things you sent.

    • Hello Lorranine Konesni. I hope this message reaches you and I hope it finds you well. I’m a descendant, Grandson of John Pauken, who owned the Broom Factory in Hillsdale Michigan. I’m the son of Eugene Pauken who has been searching for our Pauken family tree and any copies of pictures. I hope you get this message. Would you share this information with my family members as well. I can give you my address and my phone number for direct contact.. Thank you, Gary L. Pauken ( age 56 ) born June 10, 1956

  3. Lorraine Pauken Muhleman Konesni

    Hello relatives. John Pauken (owner of the broom factory) was my great grandfather. I have a family tree going back to 1630 Germany. (But I don’t really think this will be seen.)

    • CALLING ALL PAUKENS! we are ALL of the OHIO Pauken Clan! methinks we should have a reunion!
      Robert J Pauken III

      when people ask if I’m related to so-and-so Pauken, I say, “Yes, we are a pretty small tribe…”

  4. I also am a descendant of the Maumee Paukens. My Mom was Dolores, daughter of Elmer Joseph Pauken, son of Mathias Pauken, son of John Pauken Sr.

  5. A reunion sounds like fun! I did meet up with some of the Maumee Paukens a few years ago when Kirstin Thompson (from Detroit, MI) & her mother Sigrid Paucken (originally from Velbert, Germany) came for a visit & before that when Thomas Pauken was here from Germany – he has done a lot of research on the Pauken/Paucken clan. I had also previously had contact with Joe Pauken in Maumee & several of his children but have lost touch with all of them in recent years. I research on a hit or miss schedule – keep telling myself that when I retire I’ll be able to work at it more, but that’s a couple of years off yet. Keep me in the loop if anyone plans on going forward with a reunion. My E-Mail is

    • My grandfather was Joseph Pauken
      I am now in Greenville SC
      Both parents Julius and Mary Pauken buried in St Josephs Maumee

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