A native Texan, Tom Pauken was elected national chairman of the College Republicans during the rise of the anti-Vietnam protest movement. Enlisting in the U.S. Army in 1967, Tom served as a military intelligence officer in Vietnam.

Tom served on President Ronald Reagan’s White House staff. Named director of the Action agency by President Reagan, he eliminated the
use of federal tax dollars to fund Saul Alinsky-style, leftist organizers. At Action, Tom founded the Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program and
implemented Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No to Drugs” campaign. For his meritorious service as director of Action, Tom Pauken was awarded the Ronald Reagan Medal of Honor by his fellow Reagan administration alumni.

Elected Texas Republican State Chairman in 1994, Tom helped build up a Republican majority in Texas from the grassroots.

A former venture-capital executive, Tom is a small business owner and the author of The Thirty Years War: The Politics of the ‘60s Generation. He currently serves as chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission.

To contact Tom, you may find him on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

5 responses to “Author

  1. Dear Tom,
    I’m looking forward to reading you new book. Your message is critical – that our nation needs to get back to conservative fiscal policies and traditional Christian values. These are the essential pillars of our nation’s transformation and roadmap to return America to greatness.
    I’m working on a book on Lincoln and Reagan as examples of national leadership we so badly need in America of the 21sth century focusing on the moral and spiritual principles that informed their decisions and policies during their great presidencies. I hope to learn much from your book especially about your time in the Reagan White House.
    God bless,

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  4. Dear Mr. Pauken,
    I recently read an article on you in the Dallas Morning News. The article mentioned your new book and in it you were accusing “President George W. Bush and adviser Karl Rove of hijacking the movement and damaging the GOP through “big government conservatism,” crony capitalism and military interventionism.”

    Hats off to you. I am neither a Democrat nor Republican….. I am a NATIVE TEXAN and am beholden to none. It is refreshing to see someone that is a Republican stand up and call it like you see it.

    Hopes it makes it to the TOP of the NY Times bestsellers list, though I cringe at the thought that a yankee paper is considered the go to on books.

    Go get’em,
    Kirk Pitman
    God Bless Texas

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