The Public Interest Institute’s John Hendrickson reviews BRINGING AMERICA HOME

By John Hendrickson

The United States is at both an economic and cultural crossroads. The economy is still suffering from the “Great Recession” with slow economic growth and 9.1 percent unemployment. The credit rating of the nation has recently been lowered because of the failure of policymakers to appropriately address the spending problem. Our national debt is over $14 trillion and the federal government has been running trillion-dollar deficits, while entitlement programs threaten to consume the entire budget unless reformed. The traditional values and Christian heritage of the nation is also under attack by secular worldviews. Conservatives are fighting a war on a thousand fronts, from restoring the economy and constitutional government to preserving our heritage from a growing secular and relativistic culture. Conservatives who are looking (Continue reading on p. 5 of Sept. edition of LIMITS here)

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