TWC Chairman visits Iowa to discuss U.S. manufacturing

More than six hours before former Ronald Reagan staffer and Texas Workforce Commission Chairman Tom Pauken was to speak on the Newton Campus of Des Moines Area Community College, members of the Boone Rotary Club were given a preview as Pauken spoke to the group about the task of bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

Pauken was in Iowa for the talk in Newton Wednesday evening, where he was on a panel discussion along with Newton Mayor Chaz Allen, Iowa State University economist Mark Edelman, Iowa Business Council member Elliot Smith and Jasper County Treasurer Doug Bishop. Speaking to Rotarians at their noon meeting that day, after a brief introduction by Eric Woolson, a long-time Iowa political strategist, Pauken began by mentioning that he hadn’t known Boone was the birthplace of Mamie Eisenhower and spoke a bit of his time working in the Reagan administration for the ACTION Agency, as well as a bit about meeting President Eisenhower when he was young. (Read the entire article here)

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