Conservative Stalwart Richard Viguerie briefs his readers on Bringing America Home

Richard Viguerie’s ConservativeHQ weekly newsletter goes out to thousands; last week he briefed his reader’s on Bringing America Home:

Read Bringing America Home by Tom Pauken

My longtime friend and one of the giants of the conservative
movement, Tom Pauken, has recently released a provocative new book.

In Bringing America Home: How America Lost Her Way and How We Can Find Our Way Back, Tom blames big government Republicans like Rove and neo-cons for paving the way for Obama’s 2008 victory.

Having worked for the Reagan White House and as chairman of Texas Republican Party while Bush was governor, Tom is uniquely qualified to write on this topic.

The March 1 edition of Booklist, a journal of the American Library Association, says that Bringing America Home is “a conservative manifesto of the highest caliber – humane, civilized, expressed by an active, living conscience.”

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