RELEASE: 3/1/10
CONTACT: Fran Griffin of Griffin Communications

Reagan official’s book critiquing Bush years to be released March 8


Tom Pauken’s Bringing America Home makes the case that in eight years the Bush administration squandered the political capital built by Goldwater-Reagan conservatives over more than three decades.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Two new books on American politics will be released next week by prominent Republican spokesmen, Tom Pauken and Karl Rove, both of whom claim to represent the views of American conservatives.

Tom Pauken will release his new book, BRINGING AMERICA HOME: How America Lost Her Way and How We Can Find Our Way Back (Chronicles Press, Rockford, Illinois, 3/3/10) at a News Conference on Monday, March 8, at 2 p.m. at the National Press Club  (Murrow Room, 529 14th St., NW, Washington, D.C.)

The Washington announcement of Pauken’s book comes only a day before the publication of Karl Rove’s memoir, Courage and Consequence.

Tom Pauken is a longtime conservative leader who headed a federal agency during the Reagan Administration and chaired the Texas Republican Party when George W. Bush was Governor. He currently serves as Chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission.

Karl Rove is a nationally recognized political consultant who was the architect of George W. Bush’s elections as Governor of Texas and President of the United States.

Both Pauken and Rove served as National Chairman of the College Republicans – Pauken, a Goldwater supporter, was elected in 1965; Rove, a Nixon Republican at the time, served in 1971.

Their paths have crossed many times since then, but their views on American conservatism could not be more at odds.

Pauken blames the post-Reagan Republican leadership for setting the stage for the rise of the Obama administration.

On page 30 of Bringing America Home, Pauken writes: “With the younger Bush’s election came all the elements of the perfect storm to kill the conservative movement: the rise to power of Machiavellian pragmatists such as Karl Rove, along with neoconservative foreign policy advisors like Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith under the sponsorship of Vice President Dick Cheney. The new Bush administration might as well have hung out a shingle: “No Goldwater/Reagan conservatives need apply.’”

Pauken’s book also addresses major issues of concern to many Americans, including:

− How did the United States go from having the strongest economy in the world to facing the most serious national recession since the Great Depression?

− What became of a culture once guided by Judeo-Christian principles?

− How do we develop a more effective strategy to deal with the threat of radical Islam?

Rather than simply complain about what President Obama and the Democratic leadership of Congress are doing (or failing to do) to address these serious problems, Pauken remains an optimist about America’s future. The former Reagan insider shows how America can find its way back through a revival of our founding principles and common-sense solutions to the problems we face.

Pauken, a U.S. military intelligence officer in Vietnam, served on President Ronald Reagan’s White House staff. As director of the Action agency, he founded the Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program and implemented Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No to Drugs” campaign. A native Texan and small-business owner, Pauken is the author of The Thirty Years War: The Politics of the Sixties Generation.

The March 1 edition of Booklist, a journal of the American Library Association, says that Bringing America Home is “a conservative manifesto of the highest caliber – humane, civilized, expressed by an active, living conscience.”

To make a press reservation for the March 8 news conference at the National Press Club, or to receive a review copy of Bringing America Home, contact Fran Griffin at or by calling 703-255-2211.

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